Home Maintenance October 6, 2016

Judy’s Top Five Fall Home Maintenance Tips

We’ve had our first “cold“ front, football is back on television, and pumpkins abound. With fall in full swing, now is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for the cooler months ahead. Check these items off of your “To Do” list today to stay snug and prevent those costly emergency service calls this winter.


√ BRUSH OFF GUTTER GRIDLOCK. Block proper drainage in your gutters and downspouts and you can end up with Niagara Falls cascading off of your front porch. Hire a pro, or climb a ladder and scoop the oak leaves and ball moss out into a bucket yourself. Follow up by using your garden hose to wash any leftover debris away.

√ STAY ON TOP OF ROOF PROBLEMS. Hail and wind hit San Antonio hard this summer, and if you haven’t already had your roof inspected, now is the time. To do it yourself, head up and look for damaged flashings and cracked or missing shingles and replace them. Roof too steep? Use binoculars to spot any trouble areas, and call a roofer.

√ GIVE FROZEN PIPES THE COLD SHOULDER. Cozy temps indoors protect the pipes under your sinks, but outside faucets are at risk of freezing when San Antonio gets those few frigid nights. Insulate exposed water pipes, and disconnect and store hoses.

√ WARM UP TO AN HVAC PRO. Have your heating system inspected. An HVAC technician can give your furnace a little TLC now, so it will still be working when you have the heat cranked in January.

√ TRASH FIREPLACE ASH. Fireplaces and chimneys are responsible for over 30% of home-heating fires. Stay safe while roasting your chestnuts this winter by repairing cracks, loose bricks and mortar and damaged chimney caps, and removing animal nests. Find a certified chimney sweep to do the dirty work of removing creosote and ash.