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Is Black the New Stainless?

KitchenAid Black Stainless Line


Not long ago, I had a client who was trying to match both black and stainless steel appliances in her kitchen. A quick search led us to something I hadn’t seen in finishes before—black stainless. Though new in 2015, I’ve since noticed more commercials and HGTV designers showcasing everything from refrigerators to undercounter wine cellars in the darker stainless shade.

To get the look, manufacturers coat stainless steel in black oxide. The process not only darkens the steel, but offers another layer of protection. This translates to a warmer look than traditional stainless steel that also resists fingerprints and smudges.  KitchenAid, SamsungLG and Kenmore all feature a black stainless line, each with a variety of appliances from which to choose.  A major downside—each manufacturer uses a slightly different process, so each line has a unique shade and sheen.  Great if you want to buy all of your appliances from one brand; not so great if you’ve settled on a Kenmore fridge and a KitchenAid dishwasher.

Although I have seen fad finishes come and go—think early 80s whitewashed cabinets and white appliances—this one may be around for the long haul.  The top brands are promoting black stainless as a premium finish, and pricing it accordingly. The fact that they’ve gotten behind the look bodes well for its staying power—and means there’s less risk that you won’t be able to find a matching dishwasher when it’s time to replace yours 10 years from now.  #blackstainless #kitchenremodel #DunlapRealEstateTeam


LG Black Stainless Series