Community June 20, 2017

The “City We Deserve” Under Mayor Nirenberg Is International

One of the things I’m most excited about at the moment is the direction our city will take under the leadership of new mayor Ron Nirenberg.  Running for election under the banner “The City You Deserve,” Mayor Nirenberg’s vision focused on inclusiveness and improving our quality of life here.  As a realtor, I appreciate his desire to enhance our neighborhoods, expand our parks, and embrace the city’s unique art heritage, history and culture. As a commuter, I’m thrilled that he has a plan for the growing congestion at over-busy intersections like Northwest Military and Wurzbach Parkway.

But the area I’m most interested in seeing our new mayor address is our economic development.  The mechanism for keeping San Antonio real estate values high is a growing economy, and now more than ever we need to focus on developing our presence as an international business hub to keep our economic engine revved.   David Lesch, Professor of Middle East History at Trinity University, recently wrote an excellent piece for the San Antonio Express-News that details exactly how Mayor Nirenberg can nurture these very necessary international ties. Of course, I may be a little biased in my opinion of his work, as David and I see quite a bit of each other–he is my husband.  But I do think it’s an interesting read for anyone who is wondering how we get from where we currently are as a city, to where we need to be to better attract international investment. Click on this  San Antonio Express-News link to be directed to the article on their site.  And please let me know what you think.