Seasonal Fun November 6, 2018

How Not to Burn Your House Down This Thanksgiving

You are planning your Thanksgiving meal with care–you’ve sent the invites, figured out how much turkey you will need to feed those hungry guests, and settled the age old debate of stuffing versus dressing.  But there may be one thing you’re forgetting, and fire departments around the country point to it as one of the reasons for burnt turkeys, smoke damage and worse during the holidays.

Have you cleaned your oven lately?  If your oven is dirty before you start cooking, it’s a real fire hazard. Dried particles of food and grease drippings and bits of batter can easily go up in flames. Add in overflowing turkey or ham drippings, and the only recipe you will have is one for disaster. If it’s been awhile, now is the time to pull out your oven’s manual (or find the online version) and go through the self-clean cycle!

Cheers to a clean oven, a perfectly cooked turkey, and a safe and happy Thanksgiving!