TechnologyUncategorized December 20, 2018

Three iPhone Tricks You Need in Your Life

In case you missed Good Morning America the other day, and no one in your office has shared the latest iPhone tricks making the rounds, I have you covered.

Cursing Your Cursor?

Ever gotten frustrated while trying to make a correction on a text message—you tap and you tap, but the cursor won’t go where you want it? You will be happy to know there’s a workaround, and it’s easy to do and remember. While typing a text, just press down firmly (with your thumb) and hold anywhere on your text keyboard until the keys disappear. (If a letter pops up instead of the screen shown below, you aren’t pressing firmly enough.) Without the keyboard, you can slide your thumb around in this space to move your text cursor.  Release your thumb when the cursor is exactly where you need it.   You will wonder how you ever texted without it!

If your screen looks like this, you are ready to slide the cursor with your thumb

Photo Sensitive?

We’ve all been there—you start to show a co-worker a photo of something that pertains to business when a slightly embarrassing selfie pops up right next to it? Maybe that bikini selfie from last vacation?  The problem with having your photo albums on iCloud is that others may spot an image that…requires explanation. If you have pictures in your phone that you want to conceal, you can actually hide them from view.  In the Photos app, bring the picture up as if you were going to send it to a friend.

Click the box with the arrow on the bottom left side of the screen.

Now scroll through the options on the bottom of the screen until you see Hide.  Click and select the Hide option, and your photo will no longer lurk in your photo stream, waiting for an inopportune moment to show itself.

To view this photo, just go to Albums in the Photos app, and scroll down until you see Other Albums.  Select Hidden, and you’re ready to see how tan you weren’t last winter in Costa Rica.

Message Received?

In a meeting, or dinner with friends, and need to quickly respond to a text?  The iPhone now allows you to put an icon such as thumbs up or a heart on a message you’ve received.  Just hold down the text to which you’d like to reply, and a “thought bubble” with a quick menu of icons will appear.  Click the icon you want, and back to work, or dinner, or life, you go.

You can thank me later.